Winter Schmoop

Winter is coming. Well in my case it has pretty much arrived. I’m not a huge fan of winter but it fun to bundle up in warm blankets, eating soup. Hmmm soup. Not very difficult to make but so delicious.yes I made soup, not from any specific place just plain yummy butternut soup. I know I deviated from the plan. Sigh! But what can you do. It was actually unplanned, this soup making business. My mom just asked me to do it and I even had help, form my 9 year old sister.

I cheated a bit too, all the vegetables were precut in a soup mix. I feel like a cheat.

It’s really simple to make. All you need are some vegetables (butternut, potato, leeks, etc) and you can chop them all up yourself. Heat up some oil in a pot. Throw all your vegetables in. Let it cook for about an hour, adding some water occasionally. Once all your veggies are cooked nice and soft, blend it with one of this handheld blenders to make it smooth. I guess you could leave it without blending it if you want, I’ve never tried that.

So that was my soup. Simple and basic. Except for the blending part- I had boiling soup popping and splashing onto my arms. Not fun.ohh I forgot don’t forget to add some spice. Salt, cinnamon and nutmeg work great.

My older sister and my mom made delicious butternut soup. They added cream and a lot more spice. Adding orange is a good idea too.

My song:
Sillohuettes – Of Monsters and Men


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