I think it should be noted that I have never had a blog and for that reason I ask patience and assistance, so please bear with me as I learn through experience. Now that that’s out of the way hello, welcome to my blog I hope you find it informative but mostly fun and relatable. This blog is mostly for those who are looking for some cooking excitement and some new flavours. As the name suggests this blog is about food, yum! I have decided to start a blog that will teach me, and maybe others, something new. I was inspired by the story of Julie Powell, the woman the movie Julie & Julia is based on. Basically Julie Powel decided to cook all 524 recipes in Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking in 365 days. My idea is far less radical and much easier to do. Once a week I will cook a dish from a different country, something I’ve never cooked before, and report to you the entire experience; i.e. the obtaining of ingredients, the actual cooking and all its obstacles, and the best part the eating. The idea is to improve my cooking skills, the few that I have, and to expose myself to some new palate reforming tastes; this depends on my cooking talents because there is a strong possibility of me cooking tasteless food (fingers crossed). Seeing as food is one of the most amazing things in the world, I mean I love food, I thought why not… start a food/cooking blog. So many people love eating food but few know how to cook it, myself definitely included. Something extra I decided to do is to find out the health benefits of some of the ingredients I will be using in each dish, because eating healthy is becoming more important and more popular, like the Energade slogan “It’s what you put in” so let’s be conscious of what we’re eating. I will include a song in each post so you know what kept me going while I was cooking. I hope you’ll stay with me in this journey of culinary exposure and some musical endeavors. The first dish I will be making is…stay tuned to find out more. Just kidding this isn’t a TV show, I decided to start in the Caribbean because summer is ending-has ended- here and some equatorial and tropic food seems like a good wistful note to begin on. I will attempt to make Dominican style stewed chicken or Pollo Guisado estilo Dominicano (not sure how to say that correctly). Photos will be included, wish me luck!



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